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I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for an editor who can bring your footage to life and give it that little extra sprinkle of movie magic. Go ahead and take a spin around the site--you’ll find that over the last ten years I’ve worked on a wide range of projects from long-form dramatic television to comedic trailers to documentary-style DVD featurettes. What I bring to a project is a breadth of knowledge and style that will help take your vision to the next level.

A little bit about me: My love of filmmaking began when I made my first short film at the age of fifteen (it was about my dog, of course). After winning a couple of awards in high school, I decided to continue my film and television education at the University of Michigan where I graduated with a BA in Film/Video Studios. Since moving to Los Angeles I’ve worked on many projects including Fox’s Empire, USA’s Shooter, DVD featurettes for Fox, Lionsgate and Disney as well as web content for Disney and HBO.

Editing is only half of what I love about filmmaking. After being in a dark room by myself (as fun as that is), it’s even better when the director or producer can come in and work with me to find new and exciting ways to make characters more compelling and stories more interesting. I firmly believe that film is a collaborative art and bringing ideas, emotion and story to life on screen for an audience to laugh or cry is the most satisfying part of my job.
Natalie Boschan
My latest project is editing for the hit USA show Shooter which aired its second season in July 2017.


A Sample of My Video Production & Editing

Here you’ll find a sample of my short films, web featurettes, trailers and DVD special features.


Recent Feedback from Clients
There's nothing more valuable to a director than a smart, reliable collaborator, and for me, Natalie was that and more. She locked in with my vision and brought it to life, finding things I'd never be able to see, and our project thrived as a result. Her skill as an editor is rivaled only by her work ethic and her commitment to perfection. Hire her and see for yourself.

- Daniel Zucker
Director of "Santa Monica"

Natalie is a valuable asset to any post-production team. She works extremely hard, has an excellent attitude, thinks on her feet, is passionate about what she does, and she is great at both the technical and creative aspects of editing.

- Zack Arnold
Editor, Burn Notice
(USA Network)

Being an editor at a busy creative and production shop like Mob Scene is no easy task. But Natalie never let that show. Often tasked to create magic out of limited assets that would stream in right up until deadline, she never failed to hit the right notes... on time... and creatively. All that and a magnetic personality to boot. I loved working with her.

- Gregg Temkin
Producer - Mob Scene Creative + Productions


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